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Author nominations for MHR Hall of Fame now open

For all the long hours of covering, analyzing and writing about our favorite team, our former MHR authors have most certainly earned some much-deserved recognition. And how better to do that than with an election to the Hall of Fame? Nominations are now open for former authors of Mile High Report.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With our relatively new Mile High Report Hall of Fame, we aim to honor those who made it so. Former authors of the site will be inducted and immortalized right alongside their favorite players, a tribute to their devotion to Broncos Country.

For the full rundown (including rules) of the Mile High Report Hall of Fame, please see our announcement post last week.Today we are accepting nominations for the Authors category.

Authors are former MHR contributing writers, moderators and editors, also known as "staff members." To be considered, they must have been an active official staff member (listed on the Masthead of for at least one year.

Current active Authors are not eligible. Authors must be removed from association with Mile High Report for at least one year to be considered and remain in good standing as a Member of MHR (not banned).

Kaptain Kirk, the most recent winning author in the inaugural Class of 2014 is no longer eligible for nomination, but he is still taking congratulatory messages :)

How to nominate

Leave a comment naming the one person you would nominate for this award plus a brief explanation why he/she is deserving.

You can nominate an author in one of three ways:

  • Write, "I nominate [author's name]" in the subject line and then write your reasoning behind it in the body of your comment.
  • Write nomination in the subject line then work on the body of your nomination as a reply to your original comment.
  • Create a Fanpost, which is highly encouraged to get even more eyes behind your reasoning for a candidate and give him or her more visibility and support. Then write a comment to your nomination linking to your Fanpost.

Example nomination:

Comment subject: I nominate John Elway.

Comment body (optional): He never has a Plan B because Plan A is the only one to pursue.

How to support a nomination

Support a MHR Hall of Fame nomination by recommending (rec'ing) the comment. You can also reply to a nomination to add more content to a nominee's package. These will be compiled and included in the next phase, voting.

To help a candidate become a finalist, it is best not to nominate him/her more than once since it could split the recs but instead rec, rec and rec some more. Also, only nominate one person per comment so others can easily rec too if they like the nomination.

How nominees advance

The top five candidates with the most recs (minimum 4 recs) will advance to the next phase - fan voting - to begin Friday, July 10. Nominations close Monday, July 6 at 6 p.m.

As a reminder, if you have not yet nominated your choice for Broncos players, coaches, etc., for the Mile High Report Hall of Fame Class of 2015, you can do so here.

Good luck to every Author candidate, and thank you for helping us tell the tale of Broncos history from the fans' point of view!