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Broncos roster 2015: Chris Harris Jr.

Breaking down the Denver Broncos 2015 90-man roster, one player, one post, one day (roughly) at a time. Today we kick things off looking at cornerback Chris Harris Jr.

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A day-by-day Broncos player breakdown is something we've been doing since our days at BroncoTalk nearly a decade ago. This year the tradition continues as we look at the Denver Broncos roster heading into the 2015 season in our 90-in-90 series.

Chris Harris Jr. mugshot Name: Chris Harris Jr.
Position: Cornerback
Height: 5-10   Weight: 199
Age: 26   Experience: 4
College: Kansas

How Chris Harris Jr. got overlooked for NFL Network's Top 100 Players in 2015 is baffling. Harris was arguably the best cornerback in the league in 2015 - he outranked Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis by PFF standards, didn't allow a touchdown or a 60-yard performance in 2014, and did all of this despite recovering from an ACL tear he suffered in the postseason just over a year ago.

One could honestly make the case that Harris is a Top 10 player in the NFL heading into 2015 and perhaps the best player on the Broncos' roster.

The good: Harris is both versatile and consistent. He can play a slot receiver as easily as he can cover a league's premiere receiver. Credit his work ethic and study habits as a great input to his success, but his physical talents and core fundamentals are flawless right now as well.

The bad: Writing anything here is a stretch. Harris got paid at the end of 2014, so one wonders if that will have any negative effect on his work ethic (doubtful). Harris got inured at the end of 2013, but we saw how quickly and remarkably he recovered from that. The only negative we can come up with is that the Broncos coaches of old didn't seem to fully trust Harris as a 1A cornerback for every opponent. Those decisions hurt the Broncos in the postseason a year ago as Aqib Talib was burned by T.Y. Hilton in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. Will Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips learn from the mistakes of yesteryear and recognize that, despite his draft status, Harris is the best cornerback on the roster?

Quotable: "A lot of guys don't do the things that I do," Harris told MHR this offseason. "I play the pass, I play the run, I can play multiple positions, and I move everywhere around on the field during the game. So, I think I'm just unique compared to all those other corners."

Status: Starter pushing for All Pro accolades. One day Harris' reputation might catch up to his productivity on the field, but until then, these denials serve as bulletin board material that will continue to fuel Harris' fire.