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Peyton Manning trade rumors denied by Broncos

The Broncos reportedly tried to trade Peyton Manning to the Houston Texans. But the team — and Manning's agent — have denied the report.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This is big.

Either a Denver radio host has terrible sources, or the Broncos tried to trade veteran quarterback Peyton Manning to the Texans earlier this offseason.

Reports Mile High Sports' Benjamin Allbright:

That's an incredible report, but the team has denied it.

Denver restructured Manning's contract earlier this year and it included a no-trade clause. PFT's Mike Florio connected the dots and write that the report "seems plausible."

Matt Smith apparently reported the same thing a few weeks ago.

Manning's agent, Tom Condon, told Florio that no trade was ever discussed.

The Texans, meanwhile, have no comment.

CBS 4's Vic Lombardi, who was a reliable source during Denver's courtship of Manning, originally said he would not be surprised if the report was true.

Lombardi then tweeted that Denver never tried to trade Manning, per his sources.

So to review: Allbright says the Broncos tried to trade Manning to the Texans. Denver and Manning's agent denied it, and Houston has no comment.

Take the report as you will.

Update: Below are a few more denials from notable media members:

In short, nobody (save perhaps Florio) is buying Allbright's report.

Bottom line: Manning is Denver's QB going forward, regardless of what happened earlier this offseason.