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Peyton Manning doing what he does so well - being awesome.

In the midst of 'noise' surrounding Peyton Manning and his status with the Broncos, the quarterback is doing what he does so well - cheering people up.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

So Peyton Manning has been spending his offseason being awesome.

While Broncos writers and fans have been losing sleep debating whether talks of a trade for Peyton Manning between Denver and Houston happened prior to his contract restructure in March (or if it even mattered),  the quarterback was doing things that actually did matter - making some very important fans feel good.

While Broncos fans have been losing sleep over trade rumors surrounding Manning, the quarterback has been doing things that actually matter - making fans feel good.

And in true Manning style, he didn't just do it once, he's been doing it since OTAs ended last week  and the team was adjourned until Training Camp begins July 31.

While back in Knoxville, Tenn., this week hosting his annual golf tournament and presenting his scholarship to four incoming UT students, Manning had a very special - and surprise - guest serenade him at the Fox Den Country Club.

A.J. Cucksey, a sprite four-year-old who spends much of his time at the East Tennessee Children's Hospital, got a special wish granted when he got to sing one of his favorite songs to one of his favorite football players.

Ok please share this video for AJ. AJ is singing Rocky Top to Mr. Rocky Top Peyton Manning at Fox Den golf course for the Peyton Manning classic Golf Tournament. @PrayersforAJ Tennessee Football @lawbates

Posted by Prayers for AJ Cucksey on Monday, June 22, 2015

Cucksey has multiple inoperable brain tumors and despite having lost his vision and endured 26 chemo treatments in less than a year, this spunky UT fan has not lost his spirit.

Much of that is thanks to singing and following his favorite football players - one of which is of course former UT standout quarterback Peyton Manning.

Cucksey's mom says her son has been singing since he was two. His favorites include "Jesus Loves Me," "God Bless America" and "Rocky Top."

Singing to Manning made it Cucksey's second time serenading a Volunteers quarterback. The young UT fan recently sang to current Vols QB - and Cucksey's second favorite football player - Josh Dobbs.

And then a day later, another huge fan of Manning's was comforted by the five-time NFL MVP's kind words.

Logan Brown, an Indianapolis Colts fan who died in a car accident in March, had remained a loyal Peyton Manning fan even after the quarterback was traded to the Denver Broncos in 2012.

After the 15-year-old was killed this spring, his grandmother wrote to Manning to let him know of her grandson's diehard support of the quarterback's NFL career.

"As a grandmother, I felt like I should let Peyton know this young man idolized him and what he meant in his life," Gayle Ricketts told WFIE-TV in Evansville.

Brown and his grandparents were planning to go to a Broncos game, but they didn't get the chance before Brown's fatal car crash.

But on Tuesday (what would have been Brown's 16th birthday), Ricketts received a package from Manning - an autographed photo of the quarterback along with one of his signature handwritten notes.

Ricketts said she was "blown away" by the gesture but she knew it made her grandson even happier.

"And I know Logan is up there looking down," she told WFIE-TV. "He's smiling. I think he will be happy."

And so should be Broncos fans, knowing that that man is our quarterback for at least one more year because professional football players with such talent as well as integrity just don't come around like that very often.