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John Bowlen Jr. arrested on domestic violence charge

Bowlen is being held on suspicion of third-degree assault and harassment

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

According to Mike Klis of 9NEWS Denver, John Bowlen Jr., the son of Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, was arrested Wednesday night on a domestic violence harassment charge and held overnight without bond in the Arapahoe County Jail.

According to police reports, Bowlen Jr.'s girlfriend was trying to call police because of his "erratic behavior." When Bowlen Jr.  pushed her against the wall, she dropped her phone and hung up the phone. Bowlen Jr. then picked up the phone and said, "This is the owner of the Denver Broncos. I am sorry K. Nothing is wrong. This is John Bowlen: Johnny Bowlen."

Klis gives a few more details about Bowlen Jr.'s condition Wednesday night.

Best told police she was trying to call for help after Bowlen made comments about killing someone he had a prior conflict with, according to a Glendale police report. The report states Best told police that Bowlen was under the influence of alcohol and "whippits," a nitrous oxide-filled cartridge inhaled to get a high.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Denver Broncos have placed John Bowlen Jr. on indefinite leave of absence for his domestic violence arrest.

Here's the full statement from the Denver Broncos

"We are disappointed to learn of the matter involving John Bowlen, who is a son of Owner Pat Bowlen and an administrative employee with the organization.

"While this is a personal issue, he is accountable to all club and league conduct policies. As such, John will be placed on an indefinite leave of absence from the organization."

Bowlen Jr. works in a variety of positions for the team, according to a story in the Denver Post last year. He is one of seven children of Denver Broncos' owner Pat Bowlen who are under consideration to take over the team in the future.

Bowlen Jr. was granted a pre-trial release in court Thursday. Bond was set at $1,000, and his next court date is July 6.

We will keep you updated on this story when more details become available.