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Horse Tracks: Hot on the Raiders heels

You have to know your history. Has everyone been following the 1960's series of articles Tim Lynch and Brian Shrout have been bringing you? While there's some things to be proud of from the team history standpoint, those were some abysmal years. While scant national attention, losing seasons, and threats of relocation plagued the team, the most noteworthy issue was that the Broncos just couldn't beat Oakland... but the deficit Denver has lived with against the Raiders is now weaker than it's been in nearly fifty years.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

To put the awfulness of the 1960's (and early to mid-1970's) in perspective, let's look at the rivalry. The Raiders haven't had a winning since 2002 when they got their clock cleaned by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVIII. In thirteen years of laughingstock calibur football, the Denver Broncos have still not been able edge Oakland/LA in their series record. In 1962, the best year of Broncos football that decade, the Broncos swept the Raiders in both meetings. That wouldn't happen again until 1978. Not even in the 1977 Super Bowl year did the Broncos beat the Raiders back-to-back meetings (even though Denver won the AFC Championship against them).

Even with decades of success and the Raiders longstanding ineptitude, the Oakland still own the series record against Denver, 49-60-2. Discounting the silver and black's Derek Carr hopes, the Broncos could take the series lead against Oakland as soon as the end of the 2021 season. What at one point sounded like an insurmountable number of games, is now closer than ever. Just win, baby!

Horse Tracks

While on the subject of the Raiders, Sports Illustrated ranked Raiders fans the worst in the NFL. Sure, you'll get pee thrown on you and pelted with batteries, but does that make them terrible? I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the Raiders have to tarp off the upper deck of the Coliseum in order to not be blacked out (until recently). Here a reaction to the article from bay area apologists. Oakland Raiders Have Horrible, Terrible, No Good Fans According To Study

It takes three years to truly assess the success of a draft. That said, ESPN takes a look at last year's draft class and declares that the Broncos are optimistic. Denver Broncos believe Class of 2014 still has plenty to offer - NFL Nation - ESPN

Poor Larry Zimmer. The former voice of the Denver Broncos was exiled by KOA to CU Buffaloes football broadcasts the offseason before the Broncos won their first Super Bowl. Twenty five years of calling games and then Zimmer could only listen as Denver Nuggets broadcaster Scott Hastings took his place as Elway finally hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. The Clear Channel executive who made this choice should be ashamed of himself. Sundays with Sacco: Larry Zimmer's prolific career returns

...and the Demaryius Thomas banter continues. What's a fair salary for the Broncos to get a long-term contract done with Demaryius Thomas? - The Denver Post

Peyton Manning held another passing camp. Twenty of them and counting. At 20, Manning camp's influence on NFL is widespread

At this one, Manning, not the fleetest of foot QB out there, had this to say. Peyton says QB speed is overrated -

Poor Chargers fans. They can't even shop for soda without being reminded who owns the AFC West. San Diego store inadvertently makes Broncos logo

Von Miller and Demarcus Ware likely have something to say about this. Justin Houston: Chiefs have best pass-rushing duo -

In feel-good news, there's hope that Eric Berry might come back for at least some of the 2015 season. While the Chiefs are our football rival, cancer is an enemy of us all. Here's hoping for a full recovery. Chiefs' Eric Berry coming back for 2015?