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Report: A new deal for Thomas is not expected

This will get messy

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, barring a significant turn in the negotiations, a long-term deal between the Broncos and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas looks unlikely to happen today.

With a deal looking more and more unlikely as the hours pass, the next question that needs to be asked is when will wee see Demaryius Thomas next?

Last night Rapoport tweeted out that if Thomas does not receive a new deal from the Broncos that he will not show up on time for Training Camp, and that he is willing to miss some regular season games.

This is the same threat that Dallas Cowboy's wide receiver Dez Bryant issued to the Cowboy's over the weekend.

The Cowboy's reportedly didn't take Dez's threats seriously. and it's safe to assume that the Broncos decision makers do not take Thomas's threat seriously either.

Neither receiver has anything to gain from holding out for a long period of time. Sitting out games will really hurt their chances of getting the type of money they want next season, and raises the chances of injury as well.

Unless the Broncos and Thomas can make some compromises in the coming hours, do not expect to see Demaryius Thomas any time soon. This soap opera is probably only beginning.