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Demaryius Thomas contract breakdown

Taking an inside look at the contract Demaryius Thomas just signed

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

9NEWS Broncos Insider Mike Klis broke down the contract that wide receiver Demaryius Thomas signed before the Franchise Tag deadline

Thomas signed a Five-year, $70 million dollar contract that guarantees $43.5 million but according to Klis, Thomas turned down the chance to become the highest-paid receiver in the league.

Klis says that on June 1st, the Broncos offered Thomas a seven-year deal that was worth $100 million dollars, with $42 million in total guarantees. This deal would have made Thomas the second highest-paid receiver($14.29 million) in the league annually.

Thomas's agent Todd France ended up declining that offer because the final two-years of that proposed deal were not guaranteed. So both sides decided to chop off the final two years that totaled $30 million dollars, and move forward with the five-year, $70 million dollar deal.

Breaking down Demaryius Thomas's deal:

Year Total amount of money
2015 $22 million. He will receive an $11 million signing bonus, $6.5 million in roster bonus and a $4.5 million salary. All $22 million is fully guaranteed.
2016 $13 million salary, fully guaranteed.
2017 $8.5 million salary, guaranteed against injury. The full salary becomes fully guaranteed early in the league year.
2018 $12.5 million. It includes a $4 million option, plus an $8.5 million salary. None of this money is guaranteed.
2019 $14 million salary, not guaranteed.

Thomas's deal doesn't include any escalators or incentives, it's just a straight up five-year, $70 million dollar deal.

What do you think about the deal Thomas has received from the Broncos? Is it a fair deal, was he paid too much, or too little?