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Broncos Linebacker Brandon Marshall looks ready for Training Camp

The Broncos linebacker is looking good after undergoing foot surgery earlier this offseason.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall tweeted out a video on Wednesday of himself working out and showing Broncos fans that he will be ready to go once Training Camp that begins in a few weeks.

Marshall underwent surgery this offseason to repair a torn Lisfranc in his right foot. He has been rehabbing the injury all offseason but has yet to hit the practice field for the Broncos. That's expected to change once Training Camp begins in a few short weeks.

"I should be able to do some drills at the start of training camp. I’m not sure about everything else but I know I’ll be able to do drills at the start of training camp."

With Training Camp only a few weeks away it's looking like Marshall should be good to go. I would expect the Broncos coaches to ease him into practices before letting him go full go, but the progress he is showing is promising.

A Lisfranc injury usually takes a full season to recover from so it will be interesting to see how Marshall does early on. Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady was recovering from a similar surgery last season, and his play slipped a bit because of it.

Marshall is coming off a breakout year in 2014 where he lead the entire team in tackles with 113 while adding 2 sacks and 1 interception. Now he's entering Training Camp as one of the starters at inside linebacker for Wade Phillip's defense. Now Marshall is looking to improve on those number this season.

I'm looking forward to see what he and teammate Danny Trevathan can do this year. We only caught a glimpse of what the ‘Bash Brothers’ could do last season, but they're both ready to show what they can do.

I think both will flourish in this defense.

Go Broncos!