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MHR Hall of Fame 2015 voting - Members

If you thought it was tough to choose among all the worthy Broncos or hard to pick between so many deserving Authors, just wait for this doozy. There is not a name on this list who doesn't deserve this honor, but unfortunately, we can only vote in a few each year. So grab a drink-of-choice while you recall how much you and your peers have contributed to the awesomeness that is MHR.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to vote for the final category in the Mile High Report Hall of Fame Class of 2015 - the Members. Of course this site needs a team to cheer for and writers to relay the info, but if it weren't for members in the community constantly making this a place of information, education, occasional therapy and often comic relief, it would be nothing.

This thread alone tells me something we already know - there are so many great individuals within this community which makes it so great!   -Broncs55

As Broncs55 stated in the nomination post, "This thread alone tells me something that we all already know - there are so many great individuals within this community which MAKES this community so great! Thank you all - even if I don't agree with some of your opinions sometimes, we're all brothers and sisters."

Thanks to the community here at MHR we have an audience who lives and breathes Broncos football and makes the site better because of the knowledge and passion that runs through the discussion threads every day (and twice on Sundays)!

Every name on the list below - plus countless others - is an integral part of this blog. Though it seems unfair to limit the choices, we must. And so you can vote for up to four of the following elite members of this fine Broncos community.


joined: December 2013

comments: 9,528

recent fanpost: Did JDR use Talib correctly?

nomination recs: 22

nomination excerpt from Clownfan: "As a fan who tends to have more enthusiasm than football knowledge - I've frequently appreciated Anon's ability to "meet me where I am" and the sheer amount of information he packs into so many of his posts.

A recent example: I typed something like - "it looks like Kubiak really managed a pretty dramatic one year turn around in Baltimore" and anon responded by providing numerous specific stats and making a compelling case just HOW dramatic a turnaround it has been.

When I first started visiting MHR, I hadn't really been previously exposed to the level of analysis that is routine here - my first few comments were a bit hesitant and I found anon to be very welcoming in that he would respond in a way that would build on what I said and that was educational without ever seeming condescending."

Rodney Adams

joined: February 2013

comments: 9,991

recent fanpostGreat Expectations: The beautiful Denver defense

nomination recs: 18

nomination excerpt from KRONK-00: "He's full of knowledge and energy. Likes to mix it up a bit, but always with insight and effort. He's dropped off the (MHR) planet for a bit here, and I'm hoping he'll be back. When discussing things with Rodney, you could practically hear the "engage brain"-gear kick in.

Wrote many many great comments. Wrote many great posts. But the biggest thing that wins it for me, is that he wrote the single most impressive (imo) piece of "predictive analysis" that I have ever read.

Remember when we had the 2nd pick of the draft, and everyone was pretty evenly split between thinking Von, M-Darius, and P-Peterson for the Broncos? Yeah; second pick. Couldn't agree on what position, or which player. Thank goodness it wasn't the 5th pick. Or the 12th, or 18th. Each successive step would just have us more completely lost than the previous.

But not for super-Rodney. 31st pick, mofo's (take no offense, I'm including myself here).

RA sat back and turned up the analytic wattage. Evaluated what he understood of the game and of the team. Considered the positional strengths and weaknesses. Identified his position, and his player and ran draft simulations to try and target where he'd have to trade up to, and for what value.

Then he went and wrote a post laying the whole thing out and explaining why we were going to trade up in the first round (!), to the 18th position(!), to draft an MLB named CJ Mosely (not Ryan Shazier!

That didn't happen. aaaaaaahahahaha! But it wasn't for lack of effort. The Broncos DID try to trade up for Mosley. The only thing RA hadn't absolutely NAILED in his informed evaluation was how much it would take to pull off the trade.

It exemplified the depth of his knowledge of the game, and of the Broncos re: their schemes/needs/desires/make-up at that point in time."


joined: July 2011

comments: 6,950

recent fanpost: A big picture view - Louis Vasquez's struggles in the Bengals game

nomination recs: 28

nomination excerpt from OrangeAndBluesBros: "I always look forward to his comments on line play."

nomination excerpt from Whorfin: "Before CH74, the OLine was just a bunch of slow fat guys that got in the way. With his insights, the OLine is now a bunch of slow fat guys that have specific skills they use to get in the way."


joined: July 2009

comments: 15,351

recent fanpost: Offseason insanity plea - tight end version

nomination recs: 13

nomination excerpt from broncosfaninphilly: "For always taking the extra time to see the difficult and troubling times for the Broncos clearer, and to ground the knee jerkers into a better perspective. He's good at that."


joined: August 2012

comments: 5,661

recent fanpostTop 'zen' reason to love these Denver Broncos

nomination recs: 13

nomination excerpt from docllv: "In my short time at MHR, I have appreciated over and over and over his insight on the Broncos, on football, on playing a sport at a very high competitive level and on sportsmanship. His knowledge in those areas has always translated into thoughtful, respectful and intelligent commentary.

I have also personally appreciated how much KRONK has contributed to the betterment of this site by reminding us when we have "lost our way" as writers, as commenters, as fans. There were some surprisingly tense moments on here for several weeks after the season ended and it was rational voices like KRONK's (and others) who subtly - and kindly - reminded all of us to consider what we are writing and aim for smart conversation rather than mud-slinging drivel. KRONK is never rude but also doesn't back down from saying what needs to be said."


joined: May 2009

comments: 31,411

recent fanpost: Calling a spade a spade

nomination recs: 24

nomination excerpt from Broncs55: "If you don't now McGeorge, you haven't been here long enough. Many of us don't always agree with him because he speaks a lot of truth not many Broncos fans want to hear, but he has a lot of knowledge and always backs up his arguments with thought, facts and foresight - and he's not often incorrect."

nomination excerpt from Zach Eckels: "I've disagreed with McGeorge more than I'd like to admit... and the reason I hate to admit that is because that shows how often I'm wrong. In a world under 10 feet of orange kool-aid, you can always trust him to be the sober one slapping us back to reality. After my first year of lurking at MHR, I considered him a crabby, pessimistic, downer of a fan who was (for reasons unknown to me) hoping we'd fail. I created an account just to attack his point of view every place I could... and then watched as his predictions sadly kept coming true, one after the other. I've come to understand that McGeorge is just a true realist. He not only understands complexities that continue to go over many of our heads, but he's willing to come here day after day and explain them to us despite the venom many of us have spit back at him. He's not the hero we deserve, but he's the hero we need."


joined: July 2008

comments: 17,050

recent fanpost: SOS or SSO?

nomination recs: 23

nomination excerpt from Zach Eckels: "I can't think of anyone who embodies the orange Kool-aid better than metalman. He continues to be a burst of joy and excitement even in our toughest times. He's taken up the old battle cries of optimism and waved the banners as proudly as I've ever seen. As much as I appreciate McGeorge for being a realist, I appreciate metalman for shaking off all the heavy news and just enjoying football. His passion is contagious, and I smile every time I see the "Life is sunny, life is grand, living here in La la Land!" or "We'll Rock With Brock" banners flowing."

The new Bradfather

joined: December 2009

comments: 142,960

recent fanpost: Ask a Broncos friend - Rams v. Broncos

nomination recs: 13

nominated by broncosfaninphily and confirmed by Broncs55: "He's a good nomination as well; I second that one too."

the prodigal fan

joined: January 2010

comments: 16,019

recent fanpost: Things I'd rather do than watch this Super Bowl

nomination recs: 13

nomination excerpt from the Emperor himself, Calikula: "I nominate the_prodigal_fan for troll smacketh-down."

nomination seconded by Clownfan: "I second Prodigal just on enjoyable posting in general!"


joined: November 2010

comments: 10,372

recent fanpost: Elway's pursuit of Manning shows his dedication to the Broncos

nomination recs: 19

nomination excerpt from stay22: "He has one of the highest football IQ's here. He shares his knowledge gracefully."

nomination excerpt from Ozark Orange: "He is both knowledgeable and classy. I've NEVER seen him resort to name calling or putting down others who disagree with him, even if they do so in an obnoxious and ignorant manner."


joined: October 2011

comments: 13,197

recent fanpost: Ultimate Fan Guide - Time to start (keep) believin'

nomination recs: 22

nomination excerpt from stay22: ""He is a cornerstone of this community. A master of font manipulation and can always make me laugh. He's even fun to fight beside when the trolls invade."

Vote now for MHR Hall of Fame - Members!

And if you dare, share whom among your peers you decided upon.