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MHR Hall of Fame voting extravaganza

Since there have been several posts it seemed like a good idea to do one separate compilation post so we can make sure everyone has a chance to vote! This is that post.

OK, Broncos Country, this is for you. If you have not read the four posts that include a tremendous amount of background info on the nominated individuals for each of our Hall of Fame 2015 categories, you need to do that :)

Here are those nomination/background posts:

Sportsperson of the Year

Hall of Fame - Broncos

Hall of Fame - Authors

Hall of Fame - Members

And once you've fully educated yourselves on the choices, here are the links to polls created in SurveyMonkey where all the results will be scientifically calculated (well, as scientific as we're going to get!)

Sportsperson of the Year vote

Hall of Fame - Broncos vote

Hall of Fame - Authors vote

Hall of Fame - Members vote

All of these polls will close on July 30 (I know I said July 31 previously, but in order to move my colleagues along in the process, we have to close July 30 since I'm skipping the country on the 31st!)