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Horse Tracks: Orange colored glasses edition

Are the 2015 Denver Broncos going to win the Super Bowl? Denver Post sports personality Woody Paige thinks so. While he's stopped short of guaranteeing a 19-0 record as he's done in past, his optimism is admirable. In my lifelong love affair with the Broncos, with an exception here and there around and during the Josh McDaniels era, I've never gone into a season not thinking that we had the chance to go to the Super Bowl. It's what separates the Broncos from the dregs of the Denver sports scene. The Broncos always have a chance. While I'd like to give Woody a hard time over his predictions, I know that eventually he'll have to be right. Why not this year?

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Seriously, why not this year? Sure, Denver's linebacking corps and the offensive line might be gooier than a Milky Way candy bar, but beyond that the Broncos are stacked for success. Coach Kubes has a ton to prove in his return to coaching and coupled with Manning's desire to win... and Wade Phillips' defense? Let's just say that it'll be another fun year that hopefully ends as Woody predicts. Paige: Denver Broncos on the road to a Super Bowl victory - The Denver Post


With rookies reporting to camp Monday, the Colorado Springs Gazette takes the bold stance that Broncos training camp is worth watching... as it is every year... for every NFL team. However, the article is a decent primer for what to watch for. Klee: Denver Broncos training camp worth watching

While on the subject of what to watch for,  the National Football Post's primer is also a pretty darn decent read. Can you believe that the season is just around the corner? 2015 Season Preview: Denver Broncos | National Football Post

With that gooey offensive line I mentioned, KUSA 9 News zeroes in on Ty Sambrailo as a key to the Broncos success. If Woody Paige's prediction is to bear fruit, Ty needs to be the guy that John Elway thought he was when John selected him in the second round of the 2015 draft. Ty Sambrailo key as Broncos rookies start camp Monday

Sometimes football articles ask silly questions. The answer to this one is no, not unless a Super Bowl can be won sitting in an ice tub in the trainer's room. Is Sam Bradford a Super Bowl quarterback?

As much as I hate to say it, Seattle's defense is pretty damn nasty. Richard Sherman is more talk than walk, but in today's NFL, that's apparently all it takes (we all know that Chris Harris is way better). Apparently Lions cornerback Darius Slay thinks that Detroit's D is on par with Seattle's. Broncos fans will see if that's the case come the evening of September 27th when Denver visits Detroit. Darius Slay: Not much difference between Detroit’s D and Seattle’s | ProFootballTalk

Speaking of the Seahawks, I have another silly article headline for you. Yes, Russell Wilson hasn't turned down a Seahawks deal outright, but he hasn't accepted one either. In fact, I can sum up this entire article in just two words: Still negotiating. Russell Wilson hasn't turned down a Seahawks deal outright -

Watch me segue... While on the subject of contract negotiations... ahem... nobody is more excited that Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas' contracts are done than Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green. A.J. Green on contract extension: 'My time is coming' -

There's another right tackle out there on the market. The Colts released Gosder Cherilus on Sunday. Gosder Cherilus released by Indianapolis Colts -

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has gone on record saying that he hasn't put any pressure on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell with regard to Tom Brady's pending appeal over the 'deflategate' scandal. It's absolutely ridiculous that training camp for rookies starts Monday and here we are still waiting for a concrete resolution to something that happened last season. If the NFL is going to wilt over this, than wilt. If not, don't. Either way, dragging it out like this serves nobody any good. Let's stop litigating last year and move on. Ravens owner denies report he's pressured Goodell -