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Mile High Report is going to Denver Broncos 2015 Training Camp!

MHR will be back at Broncos camp this year.

(Casey Barrett-Mile High Report)

MHR is going to Broncos training camp!

I will be flying from Harrisburg to Denver today to cover the first week of camp. After I leave, Kaptain Kirk will be taking over coverage for the remainder of camp. HORN!

For my coverage of camp, be sure to follow me on Twitter (and if you like snazzy photos, Instagram). Kirk is also on Twitter, and he has a Facebook page as well.

But most importantly, be sure to follow MHR on Facebook and Twitter. I will be posting photos and videos on those two pages that may not necessarily be featured on the blog.

I will be posting post-practice reports for the first five days of camp. Those, as always, can be found here. I also plan to post daily photo albums on the site.

There will be plenty of story lines this summer, and I'm excited to cover them for the MHR community. Let's go camping!