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NFL coach power rankings: Gary Kubiak not among the top half in the NFL?

Is Gary Kubiak among the Top 16 NFL coaches?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There are 32 head coaches in the NFL today.'s Elliot Harrison does not think Gary Kubiak should be ranked among the top half.

In Harrison's recent power rankings, Kubiak, Denver's coach, ranked No. 20. Wrote Harrison:

You could make an argument for Kubiak to be ranked anywhere in the large midsection of this list, but No. 20 feels like the right spot. Most league observers feel he is a solid fit for both the Broncos and Peyton Manning. The last time we saw Kubiak as a head coach, he was leading a Texans team that finished with the worst record in pro football in 2013.

Yet, he did take Houston to two straight playoff appearances, winning a game each time. With eight years of head-coaching experience, Kubiak is also a little more well versed about the demands of the job than most of those below him on this list.

It's hard to argue with Harrison's ranking.

Kubiak owns a 61-64 (.488) record as a head coach, so it would be hard to justify giving him a high ranking. But the Broncos believe Kubiak will have better success going forward with a team that has won four straight division titles.

Kubiak's zone blocking scheme should be a perfect match for Denver's backfield, and the Broncos are projected to be contenders again this season.

So it's probably best to hold judgment on Kubiak before his first year in Denver.

Meanwhile, Denver's former coach, John Fox, was ranked No. 9. Bill Belichick was No. 1.

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