A Report From Training Camp Day One.

I want to preface my comments with the confession that I am neither a professional writer nor super knowledgeable evaluator. I am just like you, an avid fan. I love the Broncos and am looking forward to The Orange and Blue hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February. I am serious. I traveled from Alaska for this day. This is my first substantive post in six years. This is my first training camp in four years. I miss the days sitting with Kaptain Kirk on the grassy knoll. I attempt to observe by position group and that is how I will report. Remember, these are my opinions and we all know what opinions are like. And we all have one. For those of you who do not know me, I like to watch the trenches. I believe the game is won and lost at the line of scrimmage. So here we go with my impressions of Day One of Training Camp.

Over-all Camp note - I felt this was an efficient, well-run practice. It was not as precision as a Josh McDaniel practice and it was not as relaxed as a John Fox practice. There was some standing around for the second and third teamers that we did not see with Fox or Josh. Kubiak was on the field and right in every 11 on 11, 7 on 7 and individual drill that he could attend. He is a hands on coach who was giving guidance and coaching continually. He is not arrogant like McDaniel or aloof like Fox. I really like him.

Running Backs – C.J. Anderson looked great and he is obviously the man to beat. Juwan Thompson was running second team at least part of the time and he too looked very good. He may be my favorite RB now. He runs with authority. Ronnie Hillman showed bursts of speed and equal amounts of indecision and commitment to the cut-back lane. When he quit trying to dance around, he blasted through the lane with impressive quickness. Ball also had some very good moments. I am saving my comments for the biggest surprise, Kapri Bibbs. Bibbs showed a nose for the cut back lane and a drive and determination that was remarkable. In my opinion, Bibbs was the outstanding RB of Day One. What ever happens, I am confident we are OK at Running Back. My guess is that we will be cutting someone who will end up starting for someone else. Not just playing, starting. We are that good at RB.

Quarterback – Manning is still "The Sherriff" and will be until he hangs up his cleats for the final time. He made some very impressive throws but he also made some horrible ones. I guess it is the first day of camp. Brock Osweiler was equally good and made far fewer errant throws. Osweiler served notice today that he is ready to take over this team and I have no doubt he can. On one particular roll-out he tucked the ball and took off running. This is something Manning could never do and Brock made a first down. I guarantee that we will see both quarterbacks this year. I would be remiss if I did not cover one play by Manning. He had handed off to the strong side on several occasions. These were mixed with some drop back passes (I think everything today was from under center). He once again went to the hand-off to the strong side, but this time he kept the ball and he did not exactly roll out to the weak side, but he drifted that way and the entire defense bought the fake and he hit Sanders in stride for a nice gain. Manning is still Manning. Simian and Zac looked OK, but are sure not the same caliber of Brock or Payton. They have all adapted to the West Cost, zone block, run first offense. Maybe Osweiler has adapted the best. Once again, we are OK.

Offensive Line – There were three stand-out players today. Ben Garland looked strong, athletic and moved in unison for the zone block with ease. Max Garcia looked like the resurrection of our last great #73, Chris Kuper. Max moved well and showed a strong burst. He had good hand placement and a powerful upper body. I think this kid will be an anchor on our like for a long time. The other standout was not in a good way and that is Ty Sambrailo. #74 was continually beat to the outside and continually overpowered. Toward the end of practice we went back to 11 on 11s and DeMarcus Ware schooled Sambrailo over and over and over. I know, it is DeMarcus Ware, but the kid has to win one every once in a while. As of this moment LT is my biggest concern for the team. Other positive stand-outs include Gradkowski, Schofield, Vasques, Smith, and Pradis. If I had to pick a starting line-up today it would be LT Chris Clark, LG Garland, C Gradkowski, RT Vasquez and RT Harris. I know, scary.

Front Seven – The defense was on the far field from me and to be perfectly honest I was using my binoculars to watch the O Line. In 11 on 11s the usual lists of stand outs were dominant. During the first set of 11 on 11s Sly Williams gobbled up everything the offense could throw at him. It was great to see Travathan and Marshall next to each other. DeMarcus Ware was dominant as previously noted. Kenny Anunike appeared on my notes with a + on three occasions. Other newcomers made an impression including Darious Kilgo. I think we are solid and deep. I worry a little about depth at ILB, but this is after all, the first practice.

Defensive Backfield - Chris Harris is as impressive as ever. Bradley Roby looked good. Lorenzo Doss had some good moments. Josh Furman could be our answer at FS, but Darian Stewart certainly held his own. Stewart doesn’t have the fluid hips you like to see in a cover safety, but his years of experience make up for a lot of that. I think we are OK.

Kicking – We didn’t see any punting, but we did see a series of quick field goals. The offense would run a play and then the kicking team would run on to the field and get off a quick kick. Barth and McManus both converted every opportunity. I am anxious to see Karl Schmitz tomorrow.

That is all I have for now. I hope to have a more in-depth report tomorrow.

It's off to find a cold beer. it was hot out there.

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