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When building a perfect NFL QB, one must include Peyton Manning's head

Manning's "mental quickness" is kind of a big deal.

When building an NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning's head is a good place to start.

perfect qb

(Photo: @NFL)'s Gil Brandt was recently tasked with creating the perfect NFL QB, using traits from the best QBs in the game today. Manning's "mental quickness" made the cut.

Wrote Brandt:

Every quarterback who started in the NFL last season is smart; to truly gain an advantage, you need someone who's brilliant. Manning knows where everyone on the field is at all times. His ability to read opposing defenses is unparalleled.

The veteran Broncos signal-caller goes through his reads and progressions with lightning speed and knows how to make the right decision quickly. He doesn't try to force balls where they shouldn't go. He also knows how to make sure the play called is the one that gives the offense the best chance to succeed.

Other traits the perfect QB included Cam Newton's athleticism and Tom Brady's leadership. The fictional QB was made from nine current signal callers.

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