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The 1968 Denver Broncos made plenty of history that is still felt by Broncos fans today

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos of 1968 were actually a pretty exciting team despite their 5-9 losing record. This season, the Broncos recorded their highest number of wins in a season since the 1962 season with five wins. Floyd Little won the AFL’s rushing title, becoming the first player on a last place team to accomplish this feat. While Marlin Briscoe would become the first African American starting quarterback in NFL history, finishing first runner-up for Rookie of the Year.

Naturally, what does a bad franchise do with such promise? They cut Briscoe prior to the 1969 season without any viable Plan B.

Of course, there were other issues the franchise should have been focused on. A number of rumors surfaced that the Broncos were going to move out of Denver. Speculation had them moving to Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta or Chicago.

Obviously nothing ever came of this, but it did lead to Floyd Little and the Broncos campaigning to build a fanbase that eventually spawned Broncomania. It was also the year Bears Stadium was sold the city of Denver which renamed it "Mile High Stadium." Not only that, 1968 was the first season in which the familiar "D" appeared on the Broncos’ helmets. History was being made on so many levels in 1968.

1968 Preseason
Aug. 10 13,841 W 15-13 Cincinnati Bengals University of Denver Stadium
Aug. 17 20,901 L 39-16 Minnesota Vikings University of Denver Stadium
Aug. 23 22,254 L 22-6 San Francisco 49ers University of Denver Stadium
Aug. 30 10,328 L 6-3 San Diego Chargers San Antonio, Texas
Sept. 7 18,031 L 23-7 Oakland Raiders Portland, Oregon
1968 Regular Season
Sept. 15 25,049 L 24-10 Cincinnati Bengals Nippert Stadium
Sept. 22 45,821 L 34-2 Kansas City Chiefs Municipal Stadium
Sept. 29 37,024 L 20-17 Boston Patriots Bears Stadium
Oct. 6 41,257 W 10-7 Cincinnati Bengals Bears Stadium
Oct. 13 62,052 W 21-13 New York Jets Shea Stadium
Oct. 20 42,953 L 55-24 San Diego Chargers San Diego Stadium
Oct. 27 44,115 W 21-14 Miami Dolphins Bears Stadium
Nov. 3 18,304 W 35-14 Boston Patriots Fenway Park
Nov. 10 50,002 L 43-7 Oakland Raiders Bears Stadium
Nov. 17 36,075 L 38-17 Houston Oilers Astrodome
Nov. 24 35,201 W 34-32 Buffalo Bills Bears Stadium
Dec. 1 35,212 L 47-23 San Diego Chargers Bears Stadium
Dec. 8 47,754 L 33-27 Oakland Raiders Oakland Coliseum
Dec. 14 38,463 L 30-7 Kansas City Chiefs Bears Stadium

MHR MVP of 1968

Marlin Briscoe gets the nod here over Floyd Little. Mostly because Briscoe was the first quarterback the Denver Broncos had since Frank Tripucka that was dynamic enough to win some football games.

He would finish with 14 touchdown passes in just 5 starts and game action in 11 total. He played a large role in four of the five wins that year, with his best game coming against the Buffalo Bills late in the season when he, Floyd Little and Al Denson exploded offensively. Brisoe threw for 335 yards and four touchdowns, while Little caught four passes for a whooping 165 yards and one touchdown. Denson nabbed another five passes for 107 and a touchdown. The Broncos defeated the Bills 34-32 in what would be their fifth and final win of the 1968 season.

Who gets your MVP?

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