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Broncos training camp practice closed Tuesday due to storm

There will be no public practice for Broncos fans on Tuesday, August 11th.

Patrick Smyth/Broncos

Denver Broncos training camp practice will be closed to fans on Tuesday, August 11 after a torrential downpour hit Dove Valley Monday, leaving the field and operations crew to float on inflatable somethings, paddle with snow shovels, and pose for funny pictures.

Presumably, the Broncos will head indoors and practice there instead Tuesday while the operations crew figures out how to make a pond a football field again.

"We are very disappointed that today’s storm damage has forced us to close Tuesday’s practice to our fans, who have shown such incredible support to the Broncos throughout the first part of training camp," Broncos Vice President of Operations Chip Conway said in a statement. "Our operations and grounds crews are working diligently to restore all necessary areas so that we can re-open the UCHealth Training Center to fans as soon as possible."

The Denver Broncos have tweeted that Wednesday's practice status is still a bit murky (get it?). Reportedly, the practice field got hit with 3.5 inches of rain in one hour. (Fun fact: part of my childhood was spent in Yuma, Arizona, where 3.09 inches of rain falls per year).

Stay dry, Denver fans, and get ready to return to practice Wednesday. Hopefully.