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Broncos coach Gary Kubiak will have headset feed from team's analytics director

Chicago had better hope John Fox is taking notes.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos are an innovate team. They have a Director of Analytics, Mitch Tanney, whose sole job is to analyze statistics and probabilities. But without putting the data to use, the research would be pointless.

That's why coach Gary Kubiak will have a feed from Tanney this season, according to the team's website:

With Tanney nearby, Kubiak can receive a quick report on the statistical probabilities of almost any situation. Say that you have fourth-and-3 from the opponent's 45-yard-line with four minutes to go. Do the large-sample-size percentages make the risk-reward ratio acceptable enough to go for it? Tanney's analytics can provide insight to aid Kubiak's decision-making.

What does this mean, or how could it help? Well, as Deadspin put it, it could help cut down "in-game coaching stupidity."

Hiring an analytics guy is one thing, but giving one the power to say things like, "Uh, coach, you definitely shouldn’t punt it from the opponent’s 38-yard line," during the fourth quarter of a tie game is an encouraging gesture. Try to think of how many times you watched a game last year found yourself wishing that someone would just tell the coach to stop punting on fourth-and-short like an idiot. The Broncos appear to have that guy now.

The question is, how much will Kubiak listen to Tanney? Final decisions will ultimately still come from Kubes.

What do you think of this, Broncos fans? Is having Tanney in Kubiak's ear a good idea?

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