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Broncos' Matt Hall will retire instead of report for training camp

According to his agent, the Broncos' new offensive tackle is done with football.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos claimed offensive tackle Matt Hall off waivers Monday, but it turns out Hall didn't exactly want to be claimed.

Hall, a 6'9" giant,was an undrafted free agent for the Minnesota Vikings last season. He was eventually waived by the Vikings and claimed by the Indianapolis Colts. He bounced on and off the Colts roster for a year, and was recently waived by them this past Saturday. That's when the Broncos put in a waiver claim for the left tackle.

The Broncos waived wide receiver David Porter to make room for Hall on the roster, so don't be surprised if they bring Porter back (although 89 is still plenty of players).