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Broncos among 12 NFL teams with 14 training camp practices open to fans

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver's among the league's best when it comes to open training camp practices. According to data collected by Niners Nation, the Broncos are among 12 NFL teams with 14 or more practices open to the public this summer (see Denver's full training camp schedule here).

(Note: Denver actually has 14 scheduled open practices, so that data is not completely accurate. We guesstimate that these results have about a two practice margin of error.)

Five NFL teams — the Chiefs, Colts, Cowboys, Steelers, and Vikings — open all of their practices, and the Bears open all but one. The Ravens, Eagles, and 49ers, meanwhile, all have two or fewer open practices.

San Francisco's one open practice was canceled due to field conditions.

So take note, Broncos fans, camp access could be much worse.