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Rumor: Broncos not happy with kickers Connor Barth and Brandon McManus?

Is there going to be a shake-up with our kicking specialists?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Are both Denver Broncos kickers on the roster bubble? According to local Denver radio man Kevin Kissner, you bet.

Why it makes sense

On one hand, we have Connor Barth who is fantastically accurate for field goal kicks, but doesn't get enough distance or hang time on kickoffs (this is a very risky combination). On the other hand we have Brandon McManus who has a howitzer for a leg on kickoffs, but is a spray and pray leg for field goal kicks.

Kubiak doesn't like either situation and is a big proponent of having players that can do multiple roles. This rumor makes sense knowing the coach's history and preferences.

Why it doesn't make sense

The timing is what doesn't make much sense. We're two weeks into training camp and would like to have as much stability as possible. Taking multiple kickers into TC and then dumping them all a couple weeks in doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Also we've been seeing reports of Barth improving his kickoff distance this off season with some level of success. If that is happening, there is no reason to get rid of such an accurate kicker.

Also, with all due respect to local media, Kevin Kissner isn't one person with whom Mile High Report is very familiar, so we can't put a lot of stock into this tweet right off the bat.

Chance of happening

I'd think the chances of us dumping all our options at place kicker and bringing someone in are unlikely, but very possible. I'd give it a 30% chance of happening.

Let us know in the poll and comments your thoughts on this rumor. What are your thoughts on our kicking situation?Is there going to be a shake-up with our kicking specialists?