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NFL Training Camp Day: Denver Broncos Day 13 news and notes

News and notes from day 13 of Denver Broncos Training Camp.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Day 12 of Denver Broncos Training Camp just wrapped up earlier today. Today we have Danny Trevathan making plays on defense, Peyton talking Brady, Joe Don catching touchdowns, an injury report and more!

Trevathan making plays:

Linebacker Danny Trevathan who suffered a trio of injuries to his knee last season is back on the practice field and making plays for the Broncos defense.

The Broncos are taking it slowly with him, but he say he feels good and that he is excited about being out there.

"I feel good. We're just being smart with it. I had to sit down a couple times last year. This year, I just want to get it right and make sure it was all the way right. I got out there today, like I said, I got some contact and it [his knee] held up pretty well. It was pretty doggone good. I'm ready to get back out there."

Today both Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathan were on the field together during with the first team defense. They're both working back from injuries, but Trevathan is confident they can be great this season.

"We both have to go out there and see what we're both working with. We've been working our tail off during the offseason together and it's good for us to go out there in live action a little bit and go out there and see how we perform out there together. I think that we handled it pretty well. We've been hitting the blockers coming off, hitting the fullbacks and just learning this defense. I really believe we could be one of the best out here.

It's good to hear both are doing well and haven't had any setbacks.

Peyton talks Brady:

Today Peyton Manning spoke to the media and was asked about those emails Tom Brady sent. As usual Manning didn't seem to concerned with it and seemed like it was no big deal.

Manning said he's been "roasted" before and this was not a roast from Brady. He also says that everybody has been speculating about how much longer he will be playing and that Tom is just joining the list.

Yeah, everybody’s been speculating on that for a long time. I guess maybe he’s joining the list of everybody trying to predict. Tom sent me an apology text that was unnecessary. The fact that his emails got revealed, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, so no harm, no foul. I didn’t think a lot of it. Somebody said I was roasted. I’ve been roasted before. That is not a roast. I won’t be on that Comedy Central roast, but I’ve been at a couple of private dinners and banquets where I didn’t know it was going to turn into a roast of me, but it did. I can promise you that email was amateur night compared to some of the things people really said about me."

Clearly Manning wasn't as upset about this as some of us.

Moving on.

Joe Don making plays:

Fullback/tight end Joe Don Duncan hauled in two touchdown passes today playing with either the second or third team offense today.

Duncan will need to show he can make plays as a receiver if he wants to crack the final 53-man roster.

We already know he is a hit you in the mouth type of blocker who can also contribute on special teams. If he can show he can run routes and be a pass catcher in the red zone, he has a spot on this team.

Head Coach Gary Kubiak likes guys who can do multiple things, and Joe Don does multiple things.

Injury report:

  • Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. was once again held out of practice today. He's dealing with a hamstring injury.
  • Nose tackle Marvin Austin was also held out of practice again with a groin injury.
  • Safety Omar Bolden left practice to receive IV's, but will be fine. Cornerback Kayvon Webster is limited with a rib injury.

Tweets from practice


Kubiak on the progress of first-round pick Shane Ray

"I think that it's been up and down. I think that the first thing is that Shane was behind a little bit physically because of the missed time. I think that he's caught up on that. Now he watches two great players ahead of him every day so he's trying to catch up to those two guys. That can be a little overwhelming sometimes for a rookie, but he's fixing to play a lot of football and I think that he's settled down. The biggest thing with Shane, I don't want him to get too down when the days aren't good. He's really hard on himself. We're trying to get him to, when it's a bad play, to go to the next one. It's a good thing that he's hard on himself, but that's pro football. There are good players. Sometimes you're going to get blocked and then go make the next play."