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Emmanuel Sanders is impressed by Peyton Manning's camp performance

Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders spoke in front of the media on Wednesday discussing a handful of topics, but the highlight of his commentary came with rave reviews of quarterback Peyton Manning.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Hamstring issues have kept Broncos star receiver Emmanuel Sanders from participating in several of the past training camp practices, but it did not stop him from taking time out of his day to share his thoughts with the media on a myriad of topics concerning the Broncos.  He discussed the prospect of huddle offense, he and his teammates admiration of Head Coach Gary Kubiak, as well as the youth movement on the offensive line.

As always, Sanders was all smiles and gave encouraging news in regard to his progress and recovery from his hamstring issue.

"I feel good. I feel really good. Obviously, with the hamstring, we were taking it day-by-day. I got out here today. I felt really good. I felt no pain at all. I felt like I was back to myself, so [I] just have got to continuously get better."

Sanders isn't quite yet 100 percent, but there is a chance he will see limited action against the Seattle Seahawks tomorrow. However, the Broncos brass may not see a reason to rush him back and potentially re-aggravate the hamstring issue.  Alas, Broncos fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that one of their biggest offensive weapons will be just fine for when they need him the most at the advent of the regular season.

Perhaps the most interesting observations on his behalf were in regard to quarterback Peyton Manning, whom he spoke very highly of.  When asked how Manning has looked thus far, Sanders stated:

"Man, he's looking real good. I don't feel like he's lost a step. I asked him the other dayhe doesn't wear the glove. I told him, 'Man, your arm's a lot stronger without the glove.' That's pretty impressive. I can tell that he's been putting a lot of work in this offseason."

Sports writers, Broncos faithful and people across the league have wondered how Manning would fair in traditional offense taking snaps under center. Especially in Gary Kubiak's system where play action roll outs are common occurences. He took the liberty to discuss what he has seen materialize thus far in that manner with thirteen days of practices in the books:

"He looks like Peyton. I haven't seen anything.I feel like he can make every single throw. Anything in this offense that they want him to do, I feel like he can do it and be the best at doing it."

Last but not least, Sanders made a big statement to start the day when he sent a snapshot of him and Demaryius Thomas this morning before the team hit the field.

A rejuvenated and healthy Peyton Manning coupled with the dedication and diligence Sanders and Thomas have at being the best duo in the game, Broncos Country should be very excited about the forthcoming aerial assault of bombs, post patterns and fly routes the new offense will unleash upon opposing defenses in 2015.