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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman praises Broncos offense in advance of preseason opener

Richard Sherman praised Denver's offense.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is not afraid to brag, we all know that. But he doesn't only brag about himself — he spoke highly of the Broncos offense Tuesday. In a blog post on his website, Sherman praised Denver's "talented" group of players.

Sherman wrote:

The Broncos have talent, no doubt about it. Where do you begin, Peyton (Manning) is one of the best when it comes to pregame preparation and getting his guys on the same page. I’m sure he’ll get Demaryius (Thomas) going right away. Demaryius is a great receiver and can make a huge play at any time. This will be a great test in preparation for our season opener.

Denver has a handful of weapons. Emmanuel Sanders is coming off an impressive 2014 season. This guy proved that he’s one of the quickest receivers in the league, having the ability to break away at any time. The Broncos also picked up a seasoned veteran in Owen Daniels, who can do a number on you at the tight end position. Their ground game is nothing to take lightly either. With all of these passing weapons, can’t forget about their ability to run the ball. Our defense is geared up and ready to take these threats head on.

This isn't the first time Sherman has praised Denver's offense. Last January, Sherman wrote in a post for the MMQB that Manning is the smartest quarterback in the NFL.

Sherman has only played in one regular season game against Denver (Week 3 last season), but he has played against the Broncos in multiple preseason games and in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Denver will play Seattle on Friday in their preseason opener. Kickoff is scheduled for 8 p.m. MT, and the game will be nationally broadcast on NFL Network.

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Story updateSherman will not play Friday.