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Stream Broncos games: How to watch your favorite NFL team online in 2015

Want to watch the Broncos online this fall? You're in luck.


Broncos football returns today, and there are several ways you can watch the game.

The league's NFL Preseason Live package is now defunct, but it's been replaced by the new NFL Game Pass package. NFLGP costs $99.99 and gives fans access to stream every preseason game live and full replays of all regular season games after they've aired (live game day audio and coaches film is also included).

Season ticket holders should have free access to NFLGP (check your email). Update: Season ticket holders have told us they had access to NFL Game Rewind last season, but have not gotten access to NFLGP — yet. For non-season ticket holders, here's a $20 offer for the first four games, and here's a 10 percent off code (let us know if those codes don't work and we'll update this post). Update: The only special offer NFLGP is offering right now is a seven-day free trial.

Today's preseason game will be broadcast live on NFL Network, and the remaining games will re-air on NFL Network later that week. All four games will also be broadcast live on KUSA-TV (9NEWS) locally.

For double the price of NFLGP, you can purchase DirecTV's non-cable subscription NFL Sunday Ticket streaming package for about $200. The catch is you can't be in a building that DTV believes they can service (they check your address). They make exceptions for college students, and if you call and tell them you cannot get cable in your building/apartment, they'll usually give you access.

Or you can dish out between $251.94 and $353.94 to get DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket package for your TV. But you don't have to pay full price, just follow these steps to get a discount.

Those are the paying options, but you came here for the free info. You're in luck.

The Broncos have five primetime games this year, and they will all be streamed online.

Week 2 against the Chiefs on NFL Network/CBS will be available on; Week 3 against the Lions on NBC will be available on LiveExtra; Week 8 versus the Packers on NBC will be available on LiveExtra; Week 12 on NBC will be available on LiveExtra; and Week 16 on ESPN will be available on WatchESPN.

The catch for those games is that you need a cable subscription. But any sign-in info will do (I've known college students who use their parents' sign info to stream games — I'm not necessarily recommending that, but it's been done).

As for the team's 11 remaining games, 10 will be broadcast on CBS. Many of those games will likely be broadcast across much of the U.S., as Peyton Manning draws big ratings. If you don't have cable, it's worth investing in a $20 TV antenna to pick up your local CBS station — it's likely to pick up at least a few Broncos games this fall.

The team's lone non-primetime/CBS game is their Week 4 contest against the Vikings on FOX. Like the CBS games, you'd have a shot of picking up the game on your local FOX station (available through a cheap antenna).

My immediate family lives in Central Pennsylvania and they were able to watch 13-of-16 Broncos games last season through primetime streaming and their antenna. There's no guarantee that you'll be as lucky, but if you don't want to drop $200, you'll still be able to watch at least a few games.

Good luck and enjoy the games!