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Broncos Seahawks final score: Instant reactions from Denver's 22-20 win

The Broncos traveled northwest to face the Seattle Seahawks. How did we look for week 1 of the 2015 preseason?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

We can't get carried away with a preseason game, especially when it is Week 1 and we are sitting a handful of our biggest stars. Nevertheless, the Denver Broncos have a lot to be excited about with their preseason debut, where they beat the Seahawks 22-20.

Brock Osweiler

We got to see Brock!  For more than the last drive of a game that has already been decided! Brock overall looked pretty solid for his first action of the preseason. His accuracy could use some work to increase our YAC, but the passes were caught and the chains got moved quite a few times.

The Offensive Line

To me, the most exciting thing about this action was the play of the offensive line. Did they mess up? Absolutely. Multiple times even with penalties and some missed blocks. But they overall really got the job done. There wasn't much to complain about with either phase of the offense. The run blocking was schemed and blocked. The pass blocking was pretty consistently good overall.

There is a reason that the shuffle at the O-Line happened through the first week of training camp. The backups looked like backups. Our team wasn't the same when we had the scrubs come in.

How About That Pass Rush?!

Seattle's line was completely destroyed by our defense. Russel had some good runs where contain wasn't kept, but outside of that their linemen will be ashamed of watching the tape of their first half against our line. Von Miller was tremendous. Shane Ray also had some dominating action at times. This defense is here to attack. I expect teams to have their hands full with it if tonight is to be any indication of things to come.

The Special Teams Still Look Weak

Neither Connor Barth nor Brandon McManus looked very good at kick offs. Both of them looked solid as heck on W goals. I can tell you this, though. The weak kick offs will not stand with Kubiak. One of them needs to step up or we may see that rumor from earlier this week come true regarding the starting kicker not being on the team.  We had a returned kickoff for a TD and a couple of muffed returns, one of which was lost.

Closing Thoughts

It is a preseason game. Again, I'm jazzed about some stuff, but there is plenty to work on and neither team was playing all their starters. There was a lot of sloppy, but that is to be expected. At least we can look forward to coach's press conference that isn't full of "aww shucks" and a lot of talk about nothing. Other than that, at least we can say that to date in 2015, our starters are better than Seattle's starters, our backups are better than their backups, and our scrub players who won't be suiting up in less than a month are better than their scrubs as well. Suck it, Seattle.

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