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This Peyton Manning bronze statue will only set you back $55K

Who doesn't have half a six-figure salary to spare for FOOTBALL ART

Denver artist Tim King is immortalizing someone who will undoubtedly be immortalized several more times in the coming years - Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

King has created a life-size sculpture of Peyton, as 9NEWS reports in the video, with the intent to create a total of six of these sculptures assuming the first does well.

The first sculpture won't exactly be immortalizing, however - King will cover the sculpture in chocolate for display at Denver's Choctoberfest. The subsequent five statues will be bronze and sell for $55K each. King says it takes 450-500 hours for each sculpture; even with the cost of materials and (presumably) the cost of using Peyton's likeness, it sounds like a tasty way to make a living.