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Broncos roster 2015: Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy Stewart stuck around from 2014. Can he make the roster in 2015 against some stiff competition with our move to a more zone running scheme?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

A day-by-day Broncos player breakdown is something we've been doing since our days at BroncoTalk nearly a decade ago. This year the tradition continues as we look at the Denver Broncos roster heading into the 2015 season in our 90-in-90 series.

Name: Jeremy Stewart
Position: RB 
Height: 6'3"   Weight: 215 
Age: 26    Experience: 4
College: Stanford

Jeremy Stewart joined the NFL in 2012 out of Stanford. He was an undrafted free agent. Later that year, he was claimed off waivers by the New York Jets only to be released a few short weeks later. He was then signed to the practice squad of the Oakland Raiders before joining the active roster later that year. He was released in 2014 and picked up by your Denver Broncos for our practice squad.

Stewart faces some pretty steep competition this year as Kubiak loads up for a rushing assault on the 2015 NFL. The problem I've seen with him is that he looks fairly average at everything. That's probably why he has stuck around the league this long though, as if a player doesn't have any big weaknesses, it is hard for the coaches to ditch them.

The good: The game isn't too big for Jeremy. He didn't see a lot of snaps last year (only suiting up for 6 games), but on his limited touches, he rushed for 3.7 yards per carry which isn't too shabby at all. His pass protection seems solid as well (we wouldn't have seen him on the field otherwise with the offense we were running last season).

The bad: There's nothing explosive about Stewart's game. He's solid. He'll make a read and run for 2 - 5 yards a play. That's not enough in the NFL and it isn't what the Kubiak zone system looks for from a running back. You have to be able to read the play, make the right decision, then be explosive. If you can't blow up a run for 10+ every once in awhile, you aren't the right back for the job.

Status: Barring an injury to one of our front running backs or a really dominating pre-season body of work, Stewart won't be on the 53 man roster this year. We're pretty loaded with talent at RB.