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Horse Tracks: Predicting the Denver Broncos season

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Everyone knows Denver Broncos training camp is going on and Mile High Report has pretty much covered every interesting story there is, so I'm going to leave that for the Horse Tracks below and do some regular season predicting this morning.

Week 1: Ravens @ Broncos

Joe Flacco will find the No Fly Zone an impervious shield to his desperate long bombs and Peyton Manning will show the NFL that he is indeed recovered from his late season slump. The Broncos kick the Ravens right in the mouth. Prediction: Broncos 31, Ravens 20

Week 2: Broncos @ Chiefs (TNF)

Peyton Manning has been manhandling the Kansas City Chiefs since they day he arrived in 2012. Chiefs fans never lose hope and I commend them for that, but this Thursday Night will end exactly like the previous six encounters with the Broncos. Prediction: Broncos 31, Chiefs 21

Week 3: Broncos @ Lions

In a dome, my money has got to go towards the Manning to Demaryius Thomas show over the Mathew Stafford to Calvin Johnson show. Still, this game has the markings of an offensive shootout, but I predict Stafford will commit one too many turnovers. Prediction: Broncos 41, Lions 34

Week 4: Vikings @ Broncos

The Teddy Bridgewater era has begun and though I think he'll be good, I am doubtful he'll become elite. More likely down in the Jay Cutler/Matt Schaub(in their heyday) range. Besides, the game is in Denver and the Broncos will be sporting the best secondary in the league. Prediction: Broncos 28, Vikings 13

Week 5: Broncos @ Raiders

The cupcakes get stacked up in the weeks leading up to the Bye, so expect the Broncos to keep on rolling undefeated as they travel to Oakland to beat up on the Raiders once again. I was re-watching some highlights of Derek Carr against the Broncos and he just looks downright scared of the Broncos pass rush. I like that. Prediction: Broncos 34, Raiders 17

Week 6: Broncos @ Browns

As bad as the Raiders are, I think the Cleveland Browns are worse off offensively. Fortunately, they have a defense that can play ball at times. Against an elite offense, they will have their hands full. If it comes down to defense, though, my money on the Broncos again. This team is just too good on both sides of the ball to lose to a team like the Browns. Prediction: Broncos 24, Browns 10

Week 8: Packers @ Broncos (SNF)

Sitting at 6-0, the Broncos are looking pretty and facing their first real challenge of the season. Fortunately, the test comes right after a Bye week and Peyton Manning loves the Bye week. It's going to be a shootout, but Aaron Rodgers comes up just short of a furious comeback thanks to Chris Harris Jr. Yeah, I got to give CHJ some love in this post! Prediction: Broncos 34, Packers 30

Week 9: Broncos @ Colts

Ruh-roh, this has a loss written all over it. Except, the Broncos are going to be a bit blood thirst for revenge. They tend to play well during revenge games when its not against the defending Super Bowl champions. The destroyed the Ravens in their revenge game and Peyton Manning wants double the revenge having lost at the Colts in his first season back and again in the playoffs last year. Prediction - Manning goes beast mode: Broncos 45, Colts 31

Week 10: Chiefs @ Broncos

That's right, the Broncos are 8-0 and on their way to perfection. Spoiler alert, they don't get it. However, the good times keep on rolling because the Chiefs never beat the Manning-led Broncos. Alex Smith throws zero interceptions as Captain checkdown, but he also throws zero touchdowns. Prediction: Broncos 31, Chiefs 13

Week 11: Broncos @ Bears

Jay Cutler catches the Broncos on a cold, blustery and windy day in the Windy City. Manning has his first terrible game of the year, but C.J. Anderson rumbles for a buck fifty and a few touchdowns. It's not enough, however, and a late Manning interception seals the deal on perfection. The Broncos fall to 9-1. Prediction: Bears 24, Broncos 17

Week 12: Patriots @ Broncos (SNF)

With rumors of Manning's late season collapse already flying around the fields of "experts", the Broncos and Patriots turn in the game of the season before a national audience. Tom Brady picks apart the Broncos top-rated defense like they were nothing, while Manning does the same. The Broncos become the toast of the NFL by slaying the Super Bowl champion Patriots in an instant classic. Prediction: Broncos 38, Patriots 34

Week 13: Broncos @ Chargers

The toast of the NFL lasts all but 6 and a half days as the Broncos head into San Diego and get punched in the jaw by a mediocre Chargers team looking to come alive for a late-season playoff push. With two losses in three games, the narrative again switches back to Manning's demise. Prediction: Chargers 27, Broncos 17

Week 14: Raiders @ Broncos

Fortunately, the Raiders are the team the Broncos must bounce back on. And bounce back they do. Peyton Manning plays a solid game, backed by an elite rushing attack. The Raiders had no chance as the Broncos advance to 11-2 and in firm control of their playoff destiny. Prediction: Broncos 34, Raiders 10

Week 15: Broncos @ Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger continues his resurgence into 2015 with Le'Veon Bell emerging as one of the NFL's premier players. The Steelers defense is solidly in the Top 10 as well. This team is in a battle for the #2 seed with the Patriots and are desperate for a win. Manning and the Broncos leave Pittsburgh in danger of losing their grasp on the #1 seed in the AFC. Prediction: Steelers 30, Broncos 27

Week 16: Bengals @ Broncos (MNF)

Revenge game #3 on the season. Manning and the Broncos got theirs against the Colts and Patriots. Now its time for the Bengals to get a little taste of their medicine. The Bengals are fighting for a playoff spot, but see their hopes dashed by a Broncos team on both sides of the ball totally focused. It's not even close and on national television no less. Prediction: Broncos 35, Bengals 16

Week 17: Chargers @ Broncos

The 12-3 Broncos close out their 2015 regular season getting their fourth revenge game having just lose to the Chargers a month previously. With homefield advantage secured and a 13-3 record, the Broncos will win the damn Super Bowl damn it! Prediction: Broncos 28, Chargers 17

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