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Brock Osweiler to get 1st team reps in tomorrows practice

It will be Osweiler's team for a day

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

According to Head Coach Gary Kubiak, backup quarterback Brock Osweiler will get 1st team reps in tomorrow's fully padded practice.

Osweiler will be getting the first team reps because the Broncos are giving Peyton Manning, and a select few veteran's a day off tomorrow.

This isn't anything new for Manning and Osweiler this year. Kubiak said earlier this spring that he plans on giving Manning days of every 3 or 4 days of practice. This would allow Osweiler to get reps with the 1st team, and he welcomes this.

"Anytime that Coach wants to give me reps with the ones, I'll gladly accept those. They're hard to get, so if Peyton is going to sit every couple of days or whatever plan Coach Kubiak has—to be honest he hasn't even talked to me about it. I'm just taking things day by day and whether I'm with the first group, second group or third group, I'm going to practice the same way. If I can get some reps with Demaryius, Emmanuel and build some continuity with that o-line and those backs, it's huge because as a backup you don't get a lot of reps with the ones. At times you're asked to go in and play right away with that group so any rep that I can get with those guys is a good rep."

Now these are very important reps for Osweiler who is in his last year of his rookie deal. Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway said that they will be evaluating Osweiler during Training Camp and the Preseason.

"We’ll evaluate him through training camp and evaluate him through preseason." Elway said "I think that he got a lot of reps this offseason and we saw what he could do in practice, so we’ll do the best we can to try to evaluate him. We’ll cross that road when we get there.

Seeing how Osweiler performs this summer could go a long way in determining Osweiler's future in Denver. A good performance could earn him a contract extension, or a poor performance could have the Broncos looking elsewhere for a quarterback this offseason.

With all that said, Elway did say that he does feel good about Brock's progression and believe they can work out something later.

"I do feel good about Brock. I feel good about his progress and we’re fortunate in the fact that Peyton’s been able to play this long. To that respect, it’s been a positive. Obviously to Brock, it’s not been a positive because Brock hasn’t got the playing time, but Brock’s done a tremendous job handling the situation and continued to put his nose to the grindstone. He’s continued to work and that’s all he’s done, and I’m sure he’ll continue to do that. We will get something worked out with that later."

So tomorrow's practice will be a fun one to watch. It will be the first fully-padded practice of the season, and Osweiler will be running the show for the Broncos offense.

Mile High Report will be at that practice and will keep you updated on how the practice goes, and how Osweiler looks working with the 1's.

Go Broncos!