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Adorable story of the day: Peyton Manning tosses young fans TD passes during practice

Talk about an exciting moment for those boys! This a day after Danny Trevathan's cute moment with two kids yesterday.

During a free moment for quarterbacks while the Broncos were practicing on Sunday, quarterback Peyton Manning walked over to the fan section and picked out two young fans to run some routes for him.

Receiver Demaryius Thomas demonstrated how to run the route, then provided some soft coverage at the line.

There's video of the passing session on the team's website.

Jet Yang, 11, described it as "awesome." Eric Vue, 12, added: "It was actually pretty cool, since he pulled us two out of the whole crowd."

Both boys said that it was their favorite memory from training camp and that they'll probably come back for more practices. The boys were among 3,786 fans at practice.

Krystal Heath contributed to this story.