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Horse Tracks: Two down, two up edition

On Saturday night, all of Broncos Country gasped when it saw rookie linebacker Shane Ray exit the field with the aid of two trainers. It seems like every year there's a standout in camp that player that never sees the regular season because of preseason injury. Thankfully, Ray the scare was short-lived. Ray re-entered the game later and all reports were that he is fine. Thank goodness. That was close.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it, preseason football stinks. Not only is it not real football, it's just not safe. All the offseason projecting and  prognosticating go out the window the second we are confronted with an image like Shane Ray getting helped off the field. It's all for what? Half-full stadiums? Localized television audiences? What's the point of four preseason games?

As a season ticket holder, I can tell you I certainly don't appreciate having to shell out for two useless home preseason games every year. At least this year the most 'meaningful' third preseason game is in Denver, but that fourth one? What a garbage waste of money. Sure, it's Broncos football, but it's 'Dead Man Walking' Broncos football. Most of those suited up against the Cardinals on September 3rd will be walking the streets without a team before the game re-airs on NFL Network just hours later.

Frankly, the reward just can't be worth the risk. Just ask any Packers fan. Their stud wide receiver, Jordy Nelson is likely out for the year with a torn ACL... but hey, they got a meaningless loss against the Steelers! What a waste for football fans and the league as a whole. What a disappointment.


In case you missed the Shane Ray injury scare, here's a GIF of it and a relief of tweets assuring fans that he was fine. Shane Ray injury: Broncos' first round pick is 'good' after walking off field - Mile High Report

Jordy Nelson, on the other hand, was not so lucky. When a great player in the league goes down, we all lose. The Preseason Strikes Again- Jordy Nelson May Have Just Torn His ACL - Total Packers

Another preseason casualty on Sunday? Steelers center Markice Pouncey. Maurkice Pouncey likely to undergo ankle surgery -

While on the subject of injuries, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is going to have elbow surgery to clean up whatever it was that caused swelling in his elbow before Friday night's preseason contest against the Jets. Roddy White to have elbow surgery; back for Week 1? -

Professional tackling dummy and part-time Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has returned to drills following his concussion.  RGIII doing team drills at Sunday’s practice | ProFootballTalk

Reggie Wayne may have found a home in New England pending a physical. Reggie Wayne to take physical with Patriots -

Could Randy Moss return to the NFL? From the sound of it, the answer is yes. Did the Patriots move too early on Wayne? Randy Moss kicks open door for a potential return | ProFootballTalk

There could be some discontent stirring within my least-favorite coco butter pitchman. It sounds like he's not all that happy that he's been moved to corner.

Seriously, who doesn't hate this commercial? Patriots' McCourty hopes move to CB isn't 'permanent' -

While on the the subject of the Patriots, you're going to be shocked to hear (brace yourself) that Jonathan Kraft, President of the team caught for cheating on multiple occasions in the last ten years (sure, throw in Josh McDaniels cheating when he was Broncos head coach), has an issue with the NFL's disciplinary process. Jonathan Kraft, New England Patriots president, says NFL disciplinary process should be 'rethought for the modern era'

Chris Carter has an interesting take on how rookies should stay out of trouble. Interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with staying out of trouble. pulls Cris Carter "fall guy" video | ProFootballTalk

TEBOW FIX: He's the same old Tebow in a different uniform. I still love what he did in Denver and wish him the best. Tim Tebow misses opportunities against Ravens -


You try playing NFL football with two screws in your foot. Now try to excel. Okay, granted, it was just a preseason game, but Broncos fans have to be excited with what they saw from linebacker Brandon Marshall. Brandon Marshall gets his foot back in the door with Broncos - The Denver Post

Michigan State Spartan fans are rooting for receiver Bennie Fowler to make the roster. He's had a great showing in the last few preseason games. Bennie Fowler has been a pleasant surprise for the Broncos