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Evan Mathis will wear jersey No. 69 for Broncos after Fua switched to No. 72

Mathis will get to keep his jersey number in Denver.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Denver released kicker Connor Barth Wednesday to make room for Mathis.

The Broncos signed Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis to a one-year contract Tuesday. The deal has a max value of $4 million, making it another brilliant move by John Elway.

Mathis, who wore jersey No. 69 during his four years with the Eagles, will get to keep his current number in Denver. Nose tackle Sione Fua had worn No. 69 this offseason, but has switched to No. 72, team spokesman Patrick Smyth said.

When the Broncos signed veteran pass-rusher DeMarcus Ware last offseason, then-Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton agreed to give him No. 94 "for a price." No word yet if Mathis will compensate Fua for the number.

Fua does not appear to have any particular attachment to No. 69, as he's worn No. 94, No. 98, No. 72, No. 70, and No. 91 at different points in his career. Mathis has also worn No. 71, No. 73, and No. 66.

The team tweeted a photo of Mathis officially signing this morning.