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Evan Mathis says he owns three Bugattis, trolls nagging fans on Twitter

Recently signed Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis does the Twitters.

And he does it quite well.

Mathis was cut by Philly in June because he wanted more than the $5.5 million he was scheduled to make. Then he reportedly turned down another $5.5 million offer to instead sign with the Broncos, "contenders," for just $2.5 million.

That means he missed out on some money, and fans have blasted it on Twitter.

Mathis responded, in typical Mathis fashion, with a burn:

There were countless others:

Mathis wasn't phased.

Then came the "you could have done __" with the money tweets.

But Mathis already has three.

Ninety percent sure that was a joke, because Bugattis go for ~$3 million and there's only so many of them in the world.

Silly Ray, you don't eat money.

Seahawks fans even chimed in.

Never change, Evan Mathis.