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Horse Tracks: Fantasy flashback edition

This is always a stressful time of year. Not only do fans have to keep an eye on the Broncos, fans also have to watch out for breaking fantasy news out of other teams' camps. So-and-so has a bad hammy. So-and-so doesn't look like he's going to make the team. It's a lot to pay attention to! There's a reason you never read my tips regarding fantasy. I've played for a long time and have very little to show for it. One of the few things I do have is a history of my disastrous teams. In this edition of Horse Tracks, let's take a look at the news of the day and a fantasy football team from 2002... that happens to have been mine.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

In 2002 I finally jumped into the fantasy football swimming pool. Thirteen years ago, fantasy was well on its way to becoming the multi-million dollar side attraction to the NFL season. Friends of mine were getting into it and, heck, why not? Recognize any of the names below?

2002 FR

Tiki was a decent pick that year. A ton of yards and 11 touchdowns... and six fumbles. Bubba Franks I picked up because I lived with two Packer fans at the time and they were over the moon about him and Favre. Rod Gardner was decent in Steve Spurrior's disastrous experiment Patrick Ramsey in Washington. Ahman Green was another pickup because of my Packer-fan roomates. Chad Johnson had yet to become Ochocinco and was a stud everywhere but the endzone. Chad Pennington had a career year in the sense that if you added up his stats from the rest of his career, he likely wouldn't come close to his 2002 season. Rod Smith was by homer pick (I blame Brian Griese for his numbers that were worse than Ron Gardner's). Moe Williams of the Vikings would go on to be my secret weapon at tight end for a couple years. For whatever reason, nobody wanted him and yet he produced each week. Among the kickers, few remember Mike Hollis... especially me.

My first foray into fantasy was good enough to keep me interested; I got fourth place. I've run a league every year since 2003 and have only won once. Every now and then, I'll surprise myself and do well, but I assure you that happens far less than getting last place. Although there was this a couple years back...

2013 Fantasy

2013 Champion!

...but I've gotten last place more than first. This year I'm taking a punter number one overall. #Championship

Look at Scotty coming in third. He's a beast!

Take a look back at your very first fantasy team. How did you do an who was on it?


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