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Defensive line coach Bill Kollar is bringing out the best in Sylvester Williams

The former first-round pick is having a great camp thus far.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

With Terrance Knighton leaving via Free Agency this past offseason, former first-round pick Sylvester Williams has been given the responsibility to replace him. Williams has been a bit of a disappointment his first two seasons but is looking impressive thus far in Training Camp.

Williams has been dominant in one on one drills, looked good in drills and has made an impact in team drills. He has been the most dominant defensive line player for the Broncos thus far in Training Camp.

Williams credits new Defensive line coach Bill Kollar for his improvement.

"He’s a great guy," Williams said. "The biggest thing about him is if you give him all you have, he’s a pretty laid-back type of guy. He just really wants guys that work and go out there and make plays. He expects that from us."

He has also drawn praise from Head Coach Gary Kubiak. He said he was going to watch tape backwards because a majority of the team's mistakes came from the end of practice. While watching this, Williams stood out to him.

"A guy jumped out at me was Sly" Kubiak said. "I'm looking at one-on-one at the end of practice, and Sly looks like he had one heck of a period over there. So that's what you looking for. You're looking for guys making plays when they're dog-tired. That's what you have to do in the league—make them in the third, fourth quarter when the game is on the line."

Williams says he is more comfortable in Wade Phillips 3-4 defense than he was in Jack Del Rio's defense. He says he like being able to play his own gap because it allows him to make more plays than a two game system.

The Broncos need Williams to play well this season. The nose tackle position is one of, if not the most important position on the defensive line. I'm hoping that defensive line coach Bill Kollar can continue getting the most out of Williams and the rest of the defensive line.

"We haven't really set any personal goals. We just want to go out there and dominate every game. We do not really have any personal goals. If we can go out there and be good against the run, get sacks and win the game, we'll be cool with that."

Let's hope the Broncos defensive line can dominate and allow Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, and Shane Ray rush the passer, and inside linebacker and Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathan to roam the field.