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Rookie Max Garcia earning praise from Head Coach Gary Kubiak and fellow teammates

The rookie offensive lineman has been having a solid camp so far.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After today's first fully padded practice, Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak singled out rookie offensive lineman Max Garcia as a player who stood out to him.

Kubiak said Max was a "presence on the field today".

"Max showed up to me today. I'm going to go watch the film and I'm sure there's a lot of this, but Max was a presence on the field today. We ran a lot of gap schemes in our teaching today, which is different for us. He really showed up as a player, but let's remember that Max is a four-year starter at Florida. He played for about four different coordinators and played in a lot of big games. This isn't too big for him and I think that he kind of shows that every day."

The fourth round pick has had some early struggles in camp but has held his own for the majority of camp. I wrote earlier how Sylvester Williams was dominating in one on one drills, but Garcia has been one of the players who have held their own against him.

Not only has Garcia made an impression on Kubiak, but he has done the same with All-Pro right guard Louis Vasquez. He told media that he believes Garcia is going to be an "elite guard" in this league.

"He's quick off the ball," Vasquez said. "He's powerful, strong and heavy-handed. He's a young guy. I've talked to Coach Clancy, and I kind of told him that I'm going to take him under my wing because I like what he has. He just needs to be coached and molded. If he continues to grow and develop as a player, he's going to be an elite guard in this league."

That's encouraging to hear. Vasquez is a similar powerful player, so hopefully he can help mold Garcia into a great player for the Broncos.

Now while Vasquez is taking Garcia under his wing, other veteran's are lining up against him to help improve him and their own game. All-Pro linebacker Von Miller made a point to go up against the feisty Max Garcia on the first day of camp during one on ones.

Plus, Max, I like going up against good guys. Max is going to do a lot of great stuff for us. I go out there and show him stuff. At the same time,  I go out, I want to be able to beat him. That's what we're looking for—development. I feel like Max is coming along. He's looking really good all the way from OTAs to now. I think the sky is the limit for him, and I feel good."

That's two great Denver Broncos players who believe Garcia is going to be great.

Most figured Garcia would compete at center(which he still might), but so far he has played the majority of his snaps at the guard position and has looked good.

I asked's Andrew Mason if Garcia could compete for the starting left guard position, and he believes that he will be in the mix for that starting job.

It's promising to hear that our young offensive lineman are impressing the coaches and veteran players on the team. The Broncos will need Garcia to step up and help solidify their interior offensive line.

I believe the powerful rookie will find a spot for himself at either center or left guard(more likely), and help open up running lanes for the Broncos running backs. Could we see two rookies starting on the left side of the Broncos offensive line? I think it's possible.