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Quarterback Brock Osweiler had an up and down day at practice

Osweiler had an up and down day at today's Training Camp practice.

John Heath of Mile High Report

Today quarterback Brock Osweiler, not Peyton Manning was taking snaps with the first team offense. The Broncos gave Peyton Manning and a select few veterans the day off today allowing the "kids" to run the show.

Osweiler had an up and down day. He started off the practice with some overthrows, throwing behind receivers, and missing open receivers. Maybe it was nerves causing him some issues because he seemed to settle down as the practice went on and played better.

Overall Head Coach Gary Kubiak was pleased with Osweiler's play.

"I thought he did well. We had our longest practice so far and had a lot of competitive situations, especially late in practice. I thought he pushed his group and made some plays there at the end."

Brock did make some plays, and onlookers said that he looked like a natural running the bootleg and throwing on the run.

No one expected Osweiler to step in and perform like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers right away. This is a growing process for Osweiler as Kubiak stated, and he wanted to see how he could run the team.

"I think you just want to see him run the team. He did. At the end of practice, he moved the football team. It's a growing process for him, but I think he's handling it really well. Being a guy who's done that job for a living, when the team gets thrown your way, that's a lot on your plate—you have to be able to handle it. I think he's showing his teammates day in and day out that he's preparing to do that."

Osweiler said that he was "happy" with his performance today and that getting reps with Demaryius, Sanders, Latimer, and center Gino Gradkowski are valuable for him.

While Osweiler was happy with how he and the offense performed today, he preached that there is always room for improvement.

"I think every single practice, including today, you’re going to have some ups, you’re going to have some downs. It’s all about how you bounce back from the downs. As long as you learn from those mistakes and they don’t happen again, I consider it a good day. As far as what we did as an offensive group today, I thought we had a good practice. But obviously there’s room for improvement."

It will be interesting to see how these reps will benefit Osweiler going forward. He is getting more reps than he has ever had so hopefully that will have him more prepared to be successful on the field.

This is an important summer for Osweiler who is entering the final year of his rookie deal. General Manager John Elway and Head Coach Gary Kubiak will be evaluating his performance in Training Camp and the Preseason before deciding on his future with the team. So good these opportunities are important for Osweiler.