Panic Room


So the Broncos are 3-0 in the preseason. The defense has looked lights out, but the offense has struggled. In light of the predictions of gloom that I have seen from a number of fans in the wake of the last couple of games, I thought it would be a good idea to make this post to give everyone a "safe place" to panic. Credit to High Plains Drifter for suggesting this. Well, here we go.

OMG, Manning didn't throw for 50 TDs in the preseason! It is the end! We're going 4-12!

Oh no! The defense looked great, but they weren't playing against all of the All-Pros ever! They're a paper tiger! We're going to have the worst defense in the league!

Aaaagh! Our O-line is seriously the WORST thing I have ever seen! Manning will be sacked every single play!

Nooooooo! Our Special Teams is even worse than our O-line! We must kick the ball directly out of bounds on every punt and kickoff! We must never even put a returner in on punt returns! Don't even touch the ball!

What? Kubiak has never won a Super Bowl as a head coach? Oh no! That's the worst thing I've ever heard! We might as well start planning next year's draft right now!

There, that ought to be enough to get us started!

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