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Broncos will 'evolve' before regular season, says Mike Pritchard

It's important to remember the Broncos aren't showing all of their cards in the preseason.

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Former Colorado Buffs and Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos wide receiver Mike Pritchard joined Eric Goodman on Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive to talk about Peyton Manning, preseason, and the Broncos defense. In this segment, Pritchard reminds us to not take preseason too seriously - the Broncos haven't implemented a full game plan, after all. Listen below.

"When the regular season comes around... you'll see the Broncos evolve into something different." - Mike Pritchard

"They're working on concepts, guys," Pritchard said. "That's what you do right now. Did they have a full gameplan? Perhaps not. Did they have a full game plan for situations? Probably. Mostly you're working on concepts and adjustments to those concepts. You're just fine-tuning your strategies, fine-tuning what you want to do in the regular season."

"Now when the regular season comes around and you actually game-plan your opponent, producing a tendencies list, and you're practicing on your opponent for that particular week, then yes, you'll see the Broncos evolve into something different."

Bonus listen

Below, Eric and Zach discuss/debate whether Peyton Manning's slow start is an indicator of trouble brewing for the Broncos in 2015.

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