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Broncos' John Elway has been approached about running for political office

John Elway, a Republican, does not plan on running for political office.

Ron Antonelli/Getty Images

Would Broncos general manager John Elway ever run for president?

Or any political office?

Not anytime soon.

"I have been approached a couple times (about running for office)," Elway said in an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News before last year's Super Bowl. "I'd rather be on the supporting side than the guy that's running."

Elway said during the interview that he is is "middle right" because his beliefs best align with the GOP. Elway contributed to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in 2012.

"But I also believe it's my duty to be involved. Politics is a tough business — football is (also) a tough business — but I'm not sure it's as tough as politics, so I'll stay on the outside of that."

Elway, 55, won two Super Bowls with the Broncos in the late 1990s. He was inducted into the NFL's Hall of Fame in 2004.

Since Elway became Denver's G.M. in 2011, the Broncos have gone 46-18.