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Horse Tracks: Hyped about the coaching happening

We have a lot to be excited about as the Broncos get back to work today: O-line getting worked out, Brock having his shots to run with the 1s, and the defense gelling with high praise for the inside linebackers. The coaches are having an impact that shows.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The first link below is another great look at what a good coach looks like at work to me. Teaching is happening. There's an unspoken bond between him and the players he talks to. For those of you lucky enough to be at camp, what else are you seeing from Kubiak and the other coaches? What is different from the last regime?

To me the biggest thing I've seen so far is a business-like comradarie going on. What's going to be interesting moving forward is whether this mutual respect and brotherhood stays strong through tough times. When adversity hits, will everything come apart at the seams? Unlike the last coaching regime, I don't think we'll see that happen should trouble rear its ugly head.

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