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Derek Wolfe enters NFL's concussion protocol

When it rains it pours for Derek Wolfe.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Wolfe was escorted to a cart towards the end of the Denver Broncos training camp session yesterday morning. His was head covered in a towel, dazed looking, and his neck craining his forehead towards his lap, he was driven to the locker room where he was given assistance from the cart.

A concussion was suspected at the time and has now been confirmed:

Wolfe has entered the NFL's concussion protocol.

You will remember that Wolfe was carted off the in an ambulance after suffering a spinal cord injury during 2013's, Week Three preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks.

However, he didn't necessarily get better. What followed in 2013 were months shrouded in mystery regarding his status before it was reported that Wolfe had suffered seizures on November 29th, aboard the team bus. His seizure ultimately led to a 26-hour medically induced coma.

In April 2015 Wolfe was informed by the NFL that he would be suspended for four-games and soon after the suspension was announced upon Wolfe failing in his appeal.

Wolfe insinuated in a subsequent interview that he failed the league's drug test due taking something that seemed harmless.

A look down the NFL provided list of banned substances, would point to Sudafed being the most likely culprit in Wolfe's insinuation.