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Horse Tracks: Be Thankful Broncos Country

Broncos Country has a great team who's ownership is sensible and cares about winning. Make sure to pop your head out every once in awhile to see the evidence that not all owners are created equal.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Snyder is absolutely throwing a wrench in the operations of his team. The coaches can't coach. The GM can't GM. They are being forced into a huge bowl of drama because of an owner (who has ultimate authority with a team...keep in mind the owner can fire anyone really) who can't get out of his team's way.

I try not to pay close mind to other team's misfortunes enough unless they are the Raiders (LOL Trent Richardson) or the Chiefs (how many years in a row has the MSM media picked them to be movers and shakers?). That being said, I can't help but notice that Washington has a terrible situation on their hands. They have a smaller more injury prone Tim Tebow who is due gobs of money next year who is adored by the owner regardless of his actual ability to play the game.

Be very thankful for Pat Bowlen, Broncos Country. Be very thankful indeed.

Broncos news:

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Having been relegated to the No. 4 running back role in Saturday's preseason game, Montee Ball hopes to remind the Denver Broncos of his value.

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The Broncos' roster is closer to the league maximum after 12 transactions, but it was a tough day after all the time they spent together.

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The Broncos were back at practice -- and for the first time in nearly two weeks, it included Emmanuel Sanders.

The rest of the league:

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The Redskins are going froward with Kirk Cousins as their starter, but they're not finished with Robert Griffin III. Jay Gruden was confident Monday that Griffin will remain on Washington's roster.

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Jay Gruden announced Monday that Kirk Cousins will be the Redskins' starter in 2015, adding that Washington is "Kirk's team."

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