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Broncos rookie Shane Ray: The NFL's not too fast for me

The rookie sounds NFL-ready.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Some NFL rookies say the game is too fast for them at first. That it slows down with time.

Denver Broncos first round draft pick Shane Ray hasn't felt that yet. Not really. He believes he's up-to-speed after the preseason and ready to roll on NFL Sundays.

"For me, it's not really fast," Ray told Eric Goodman on Mile High Sports radio. "Once you know your assignment, and you know how to play your technique, I feel like it starts to come natural. I think the preseason games were good because each game I felt like I got more comfortable playing in an NFL football game.

"I'm sure during the regular season things are going to intensify," Ray continued, "where I have to be a lot more focused on my assignments and my techniques, but that's why I do what I do. I just gotta go in, day in and day out, know what I need to know, and go out and play football."

Ray also talked about being a professional now that the regular season is underway.

"Now that the preseason's over, I understand how serious all these games are," said Ray. "Me personally, I'm just trying to prepare myself to be the best that I can be for whatever my team needs me to do. That's starting with Baltimore this week, and I'm taking it still one day at a time. But I'm still trying to go out and be the best every day."

"Coming into the National Football League and understanding that you have to mature and treat this like a job. You have to make sure you go to sleep at the right time to make sure your body is okay for the next day, and do the little things. Eating differently. I think it's very important. You have to have another level of focus, because now you're getting paid, and you have to be at your prime every day."

'Another level of focus' sounds good to me. Especially if that focus is lasered on the #5 on Joe Flacco's jersey Sunday.

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