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Live Blog - Week 1 NFL Early Games Thread

Who do you got this morning? I'm going Bills, Packers, Chiefs, Panthers, Jets, Seahawks, and Dolphins.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I am playing it a bit risky to start the 2015 NFL Season, but I've got to follow my gut instincts on these picks. The Indianapolis Colts are a better football team than the Buffalo Bills purely based on the fact that they have Andrew Luck. The Colts front office isn't very good and will likely need Luck to bail out their poor drafting and talent acquisitions (think the first round pick they traded for Trent Richardson), while the Bills are more talented in nearly the rest of the positions because they have drafted well. At the end of the year, it will be the Colts in the playoffs, but today it will be the Bills with the victory.

The Green Bay Packers over the Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers over the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Seattle Seahawks over the St. Louis Rams should all be your easy picks this morning. I like the Miami Dolphins over the Washington Redskins too, but don't count out Kirk Cousins in that game. The Redskins could be much improved with him at the helm again and Robert Griffin III on the bench.

The two toss-up games for me is the Kansas City Chiefs facing the Houston Texans and the Cleveland Browns playing the New York Jets. I give the Chiefs the edge over the Texans, because the Texans are horrible at quarterback and Arian Foster is injured. Meanwhile, I picked the Jets only because they are at home and its opening day. The Browns and Jets are both near the bottom of the power rankings for me.

Who are you rooting for in these early games?