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Broncos vs. Ravens: Three keys to the Broncos victory over the Ravens

What were the key moments in the Broncos victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday by score of 19 to 13. It was a closely matched, hard fought game between both teams, so naturally there were some key moments that helped the Broncos to victory.

So let's take a look at three key moments during Sunday's game.

1. Brandon McManus's four field goals:

McManus quieted the doubters on Sunday with four big field goals on Sunday. He made kicks from 57, 56, 43, and 33 yards. That's a total of 189 yards for McManus, and he was the Broncos leading scorer on Sunday.

These kicks from McManus were big for the Broncos and for McManus who has struggled with bouts of inconsistency during his career.

McManus's kick in the fourth quarter helped put the Broncos ahead by 6 points, which made the Ravens have to score a touchdown to win the game.

Without McManus's clutch kicks, the Broncos would be 0-1.

Aqib Talib's interception for a touchdown:

Talib's big interception for a touchdown in the third quarter during Sunday's game was the big turning point in the game in my opinion.

The Broncos defense was starting to give up some yards, and the offense was looking awful. The Ravens had the momentum, the ball, and probably a chance to put the game away.

The crowd felt the momentum shift and were beginning to boo, and it started to become quiet at Mile High.

This all changed when cornerback Aqib Talib came away with a big interception off quarterback Joe Flacco.

This gave the Broncos their only touchdown of the afternoon and a 16 to 13 lead over the Ravens.

As I said above, if Talib did not come away with this interception, I do not think the Broncos come away with the win.

Darian Stewart's game-winning interception:

This was the first big "WOW" moment for the Broncos during the 2015 season. The Ravens were driving down the field in the fourth quarter in the final seconds. A touchdown would have given them the lead and more than likely the victory over the Broncos.

Fortunately, the former Ravens safety had other ideas.

Stewart and teammate David Bruton Jr. met Ravens tight end Crockett Gilmore in the end zone. Thankfully Stewart, not Gilmore came away with the Ball in the end zone and sealed the victory for the Broncos.

This play made me scream like high-pitched Peyton Manning would scream.