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Panic at the disc throw

Harshing a bit of the Peyton Manning panic, Manning's surprise injury and why Denver will win Thursday in Kansas City.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I've been known to quote Any Given Sunday a time or two, but it's only because I think that Oliver Stone captured the Vietnam War so well using football as the medium. No, I won't compare being a fan of the Denver Broncos to the Vietnam War, but I will bring your attention to the following storyline from Any Given Sunday.

We find quarterback Jack 'Cap' Rooney (played by Dennis Quaid) joining the team in the huddle for the first round of the playoffs. Rooney is returning for the first time to the huddle after a long injury stint after suffering a disc slip earlier in the season.

"How's that disc? Still spinning?" a lineman asks as Cap joins the huddle.

"Like your favorite CD, baby," Rooney replies.

Monday Peyton Manning was a member of the Broncos participation (fake injury) report-- FULL (participation) -- BACK (injury).

Manning has been sacked more than twice in a game only ten times in his career. He was sacked four times Sunday by the Baltimore Ravens.

Last week I would have pointed out that Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning all had the same thing in common. That's right, none of them threw a touchdown this preseason (and you thought that it was going to be about winning Super Bowls).

Peyton has thrown four touchdowns in his last six games dating back to last season.

This week I will point out that Manning has thrice in his career won games without his offense scoring a touchdown (the previous two zero offensive touchdown games were both against the Cleveland Browns (in 2003 and 2008)) in the previous following weeks his offense has never scored less than 33 points.

Goodnight, Kansas City. Sleep well.