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Owen Daniels: Broncos offense is Gary Kubiak's playbook, but at Peyton Manning's tempo

This may take some time getting used to.

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Peyton Manning's struggles on Sunday have been well-covered here. We've broken down the issues with his pass protection and his sudden inability to find his outlet receivers in time to avoid the big sack. We've talked about his arm strength and health and age at length all offseason, and we've discussed how Manning's offense will blend with new Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak's.

To that last point, one of the more interesting developments from Sunday was the amount Peyton operated the no-huddle and in the shotgun. That's not typical of a Gary Kubiak offense, which raised eyebrows as we witnessed a typical Manning execution pre-snap, but without the production.

Broncos tight end Owen Daniels told Mile High Sports' Eric Goodman Sunday not to be fooled - this offense is still Kubiak's.

"I think the tempo was more Peyton’s tempo," Daniel said. "We were running our plays for the most part, what we’ve done previously in Kubiak’s offense. The tempo, which we want to do here, we want to keep it up tempo and wear those guys out."

The Broncos did wear the Ravens out, executing a 17-play, 11-minute drive in the fourth quarter that ultimately put the game away.

"Whatever it takes," said Daniels. "It might be different week to week."

Receiver Demaryius Thomas noted that the new offense will still take some adjustments for Peyton.

"It' something different," Demaryius Thomas said. "It's something he hasn't been doing his whole career. I think the main thing is him coming under center and new faces. Of course it's a new offense for everybody. But I think it will get better and better every week."


Owen Daniels

Demaryius Thomas